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Apache Struts 2 Web Application Development.

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Dave Newton. This book takes a clear approach, focusing on one topic per chapter, but interspersing other issues in the mainline text and in chapter detours.

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Taking a practical approach, it discusses agile web development using Struts 2, with plenty of examples for better understanding. Location: Web resource to render the outcome of the operation. Parameters: List of result parameters. A graphical representation for the Struts 2 Result component appears in the Action node in the Flow editor.

A new Result entry is added to the struts.

Struts 2 Tutorial 01 - Introduction To MVC

Add Authentication Nodes Use the skills learned in the previous sections to add additional nodes to the flow. This package groups the actions dealing with security. To keep things simple, you create a single action that performs the task of validating the username and password values.

A Tutorial for Installing and Writing Struts Applications

For invalid credentials, the request returns to the login page and an error message displays in the login page. Create an action named AuthenticateUser in the secure package. Specify the value for the class field as com. This adds an action to the package and creates a new handler Java class named AuthenticateUser in the Java package com.

Add two results to the action. Name the first result error of the dispatcher type that forwards the result to the login page. Name the second result success of the redirectAction type. This result redirects the request to another page that contains options to create, review, and delete blogs.

Practical Apache Struts 2 Web 2.0 Projects

You will do this in later sections after creating the remaining components of the application. Addition of new components Double-click the AuthenticateUser action to open it in the editor. Copy and paste the following code into the file, replacing the default code. Please try again! Creation an action in the blogging package named ShowBlogAdminPage that will do a simple job of forwarding the request to the blogAdminPage. The success result in the above section inside the AuthenticateUser action is mapped to this action. The framework forwards the request to this action if the validation succeeds.

The following image shows how you can use the redirect action result type. Set the handler names same to be the same as the action names. Create these actions under the package com.

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Add a new Result with name success of the dispatcher type in the CreateBlogPost action. Forward the result in the ReviewPostsPage. The figure below shows the final result of all the above operations.

Final flow The following snippets show the contents of the loginPage. Select the MyEclipse Tomcat Server. The project deploys, the server starts, and the index. The index. Click the link, and the loginPage.

Start Blogging link on the index. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

2017 Application Security Statistics Report

For the predecessor of Apache Struts 2, see Apache Struts 1. Free and open-source software portal Computer programming portal. Retrieved 4 September Retrieved October 2, The Register.

Build a chat app using Struts 2

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