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Buddhism in world cultures : comparative perspectives Berkwitz, Stephen C. B85 Located in Reference. Buddha-karita ed. E5 C61 The Buddhist religions : a historical introduction Robinson, Richard H..

R6 Buddhist thought : a complete introduction to the Indian tradition Williams, Paul. W55 Electronic book.

Also available in print. The Core teachings : Buddhist practice and progress Xingyun, da shi. F X v. Critical terms for the study of Buddhism Lopez, Donald S. C75 Electronic book. E Located in Reference. Essential Buddhism : a comprehensive guide to belief and practice Morgan, Diane.

M67 Introducing Buddhism Prebish, Charles S.. P74 Moonshadows : conventional truth in Buddhist philosophy Cowherds. C69 Original Buddhist sources : a reader Olson, Carl ed. O57 P75 Electronic book. E53 G48 Electronic book.

“A collective awakening?” - Buddhist reflections on Copenhagen

Studying Buddhism in practice Harding, John S.. S78 In June Loy received an honorary doctorate degree from Carleton College, his alma mater, for his contributions to Buddhism in the West. In April Loy returned his honorary degree to Carleton College to protest the institution's investment in fossil fuel-producing organizations.


Loy offers lectures, workshops, and retreats on various topics, focusing primarily on the encounter between Buddhism and modernity: what each can learn from the other. He is especially concerned about social and ecological issues. In addition to many scholarly papers and popular articles, Loy is the author of several books on comparative philosophy and social ethics, including:.

Nonduality focuses on the nonduality of subject and object in Buddhism, Vedanta, and Taoism, with reference to several Western thinkers including Wittgenstein and Heidegger.

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The main argument is that these three Asian systems may be different attempts to describe the same or very similar experience. The categories of Buddhism no self, impermanence, causality, eightfold path and Advaita Vedanta all-Self, time and causality as maya, no path are "mirror images" of each other. Ultimately it becomes difficult to distinguish a formless Being Brahman from a formless nonbeing shunyata. Buddhism can be understood as a more phenomenological description of nonduality, while Vedanta is a more metaphysical account.

Lack and Transcendence: The Problem of Death and Life in Psychotherapy, Existentialism, and Buddhism brings the three traditions together in a synthesis receptive to the insights of each regarding the fundamental issues of life and death and death-in-life.

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The Buddhist denial of a substantial self implies that our basic problem is not fear of death but fear that we don't really exist. In response, we become obsessed with "reality projects" compare Becker's "immortality projects" that often make things worse. Later chapters explore the philosophical and psychological implications. A Buddhist History of the West is not a history of Buddhism in the West but a Buddhist perspective on the development of Western civilization. The Buddhist claim that the sense of self is haunted by a sense of lack has important historical implications, affecting the ways that for example freedom, progress, science, economic and political development have been understood and pursued.

The Great Awakening: A Buddhist Social Theory develops the social implications of Buddhist teachings for our understanding and response to collective forms of dukkha suffering.

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Today the "three poisons" — greed, ill will, and delusion — have been institutionalized. There are discussions of poverty, economic development, and corporate capitalism ; Buddhist perspectives on the war on terror, our criminal justice system, and the connection between Zen and war; and essays addressing technology, deep ecology , and our relationship with the biosphere. The Dharma of Dragons and Daemons: Buddhist Themes in Modern Fantasy examines the ways that spiritual themes for example, good and evil, sin and redemption, friendship, time, war and violence, creativity, the meaning of life, the meaning of death are treated in some of the classics of contemporary fantasy: The Lord of the Rings, Ende's Momo, the anime of Hayao Miyazaki, Pullman's His Dark Materials, and Le Guin's Earthsea.

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Money, Sex, War, Karma: Notes for a Buddhist Revolution is a series of short essays that begins with the essential teaching of the Buddha: the connection between suffering and the delusive sense of self, usually experienced as a sense of lack. David Loy - - Philosophy East and West 58 2 By Robert Eisler. Two Vols. Unbound; 48 M. Nock - - The Classical Review 43 06 Plato's Gorgias.

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School Edition by A. Vienna and Prague. Xxiv, Unbound 60 Kr. Xenophon's Hellenica Xenophontis Historia Graeca.

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Recensuit C. Editio maior. Leipzig: Teubner, Bound, Rm. Marchant - - The Classical Review 44 04 Leipzig und Berlin: B. Teubner, Unbound, M. Bell - - The Classical Review 23 08