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Amy Spurway. When Stacey Fortune is diagnosed with three highly unpredictable — and inoperable — brain tumours, she abandons the crumbling glamour of her life in Toronto for her mother Effie's scruffy trailer in rural Cape Breton. Back home, she's known as Crow, and everybody suspects that her family is cursed. With her future all but sealed, Crow decides to go down in a blaze of unforgettable glory by writing a memoir that will raise eyebrows and drop jaws.

She'll dig up "the dirt" on her family tree, including the supposed curse, and uncover the truth about her mysterious father, who disappeared a month before she was born. But first, Crow must contend with an eclectic assortment of characters, including her gossipy Aunt Peggy, hedonistic party-pal Char, homebound best friend Allie, and high-school flame Willy. She'll also have to figure out how to live with her mother and how to muddle through the unsettling visual disturbances that are becoming more and more vivid each day.

Witty, energetic, and crackling with sharp Cape Breton humour, Crow is a story of big twists, big personalities, big drama, and even bigger heart. Amy Spurway was born and raised on Cape Breton, where, at the age of 11, she landed her first writing and performing gigs with CBC Radio. She has worked as a communications consultant, editor, speech-writer, and performer. She lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Crow is ribald, blunt, accessible, and immediately likeable, tumours and all. Hard to know what they make of us. Anyway, I recently tried to get them to come to my hand, but they sat 5 feet away and squawked a bit, so I withdrew.

Crows display a fair bit of individuality, so maybe its about finding that one crow that will master its skittishness in the pursuit of its curiosity to find out more about you.

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Oakland, Ca I have a trio of crows that come twice daily for food. I changed their feeding location to my backyard but the other pair have located the secret stash and have become even more aggressive! How can I feed them all without such aggressiveness?? So sweet And yes…the aggressive pair have a baby in nearby tree. I did try that. Did not work. I will keep trying. However my trio my fave is now a family of five and they regained their territory. The mean trio is now a family of four and mama crow seems to be mad at me since I favor the 5.

I scolded her for fighting and now she sees me and slowly walks away from me. Quite hilarious. She does not caw she just …. They initially would perch on the tree next to the front desk, wait for me to leave food on the deck and come eat. Within a few weeks they would just wait on the deck outside my door and one was very bold and would just move to one side of the deck while I placed food on the other side the other would wait in the tree.

I was able to distinguish them from other crows in the area by this behavior and because they were always together. About 2 weeks ago they stopped coming. I really miss them. They used to come regularly sometimes all day long! I did notice the more reticent bird occasionally had bric a brac in its beak and I wondered if it was nest building.

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Any thoughts about what might have happened to my friends? Any changes? My family lives near the corner edge of a Ohio forest, and I have heard one or two crows that I want to befriend near the other side of our forest. How do I get the crows attention with trees blocking the view? Instead of flying away every time a car passes, simply to return. I saw a baby crow being attacked by other crows.

At First I thought it was saving it from getting hit by a car but then Everytime it flew to a tree they would knock it out to the ground and all were trying to kill It. So we rescued it and took it to another place We know is save. Did we do the right thing? The crow had blue eyes and pink beak but flew really good. Today I saw a baby crow in my backyard, I did bring the bird to my house first the. We drove a mile away and let it go and it flew to a tree. Would it come back to my house are they that smart? Hi KC! As for whether you did the right thing the answer is probably no.

At that age these birds are dependent on their parents and you took it too far away to probably link up with them again. Nature is brutal sometimes. I saw a crow just front to my house. It is roaming here and there.


It is a grown up. It is an elder crow. The problem is our street dogs are running behind that. But some crows are protecting their crow friend from dogs hurting it. What do I do now? Shall I save it or leave it as it is? Maybe I think because of electric shock. Please reply me fast.

I have a crow in a tree in my backyard hoping around the branches.

Looks kind of beat up. I can walk right up to it and the crows above are swooping down aggressively toward me. Are they trying to protect it or do they want to kill it off? Its been there for a few days. It could go either way. Are you able to identify whether it is a baby or an adult? I am slowly being a crow fanatic and have begun attempting to develop a relationship with what I believe are a mating couple outside my house.

They do appear to be a bit smaller and leaner. Is this the right time of year for younger crows to begin making an appearance? Does this question make sense? Thank you! I love following all your social media profiles. Hi Adam! Yes it is the time of year when young are leaving the nest and may be out and about with their parents. Look for blue eyes and pink at the corner of their mouths to verify this.

Look at my two most recent blog posts for anything and everything related to their vocalizations. Hopefully you can find your answers there. The night prior we had bad weather all night Southeast Louisiana. The baby already had feathers and could only fly a few inches off the ground. Not knowing anything about birds, we thought to keep warm, quiet and feed for a few days til could fly higher and then release back where found, on a tree branch. All was going well, but around the 5th day I noticed one of the wings was not symmetrical with the other one.

My vet determined it was broken and had already started healing, meaning nothing could be done. He is doing great and now eating mostly on his own. He is in a large dog wire crate with tree branches and takes a bath every day. Do you have any suggestions, other than to euthanize? Thank you so much in advance! You could also try to find people in your local area that are already set up to permanently care for crows. I wish you and your new friend the best of luck.

Do you know if a crow will follow you to work. I started feeding a lone crow that was hanging out at home. Then its mate I think starting hanging out also. She wiggles her but when she walks away after eating. I work outdoors about 4 miles from home. I swear they both show up there cawing at me. The male I believe is always flying by and cawing in a very nice way. If I take a walk he always shows up just to let me know he sees me. Since parakeets have stopped visiting , our area has become overrun with large numbers of crows. Not sure. Hello, I am really sorry but I hate crows and they flock to our garden and surrounding fields in their hundreds along with rooks.

Their numbers seem to have doubled this year!

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The sight of so many is quite frightening and they are so noisy. We are elderly and almost housebound, sitting in the garden or even having the windows open is becoming almost impossible and quite distressing. Will recorded bird of prey sounds discourage them? Again, my apologies to all the corvid-lovers……. Hi Chris. I understand that these birds inspire that reaction in some people. That said, have you considering giving it a try to simply…like them? Open yourself up to figuring out what it is so many people do enjoy enjoy about these wonderful birds and see if any of it sticks.

But maybe watch a documentary or read a book.

We have a family of crows in our and neighboring yards. The mother has been teaching the young ones to fly. One of the young, we believe to be a Male, is noisy and bucks Mom at every lesson. This lesson, Mom has resorted to tempting. Making the youngins upset…with protest they fly to Mom for the mouthful. The young Male just talks back and insists on being difficult. We find it entertaining. I enjoy a family of crows living around our house. I feed them and they know me. The whole thing. Well, I was devastated to wake up yesterday morning to see that one had been hit by a car right in front of our house.

Its mate was standing around the corpse. The widow will re-pair pretty quickly. Depends on the birds and the relative competition for the territory. You posted this a while ago so maybe you know by now? Fortunately, no. They dive bombing that occurs during fledgling season does not seem to include the dedication to facial learning that seeing people harm or pick up cows do. You should be ok after the summer! I was bewildered by finding various stones in my garden, and on odd occasions. Was I the victim of criminal damage, vandalism or malicious behaviour?

No shadowy images lurking in my back yard, or would be vandals springing from behind walls. Then I read an article on crow behaviour, and realised that I may be recieving gifts from crows. Will they be mad at me? Will they ever go away and stop pooping on my deck? They will likely come around for a while but eventually they will give up. This is helpful, thanks! Crows gotta crow. Indeed it is. Their strategy is to make lots of babies because most simply wont make it.

I live close to a Telephone musk and have been seeing crows gather in large numbers every morning does it mean death? Thank you for this very interesting and informative information. I have a huge tree in the garden and often wondered why the fly around the tree in groups then retreat back. Are they real noisy during these events? I recently have 4 crows in my yard every morning until about 11AM, then they disappear. I looked for a nest one day and they were agitated, it I have not seen any sign of the nest. They hang out in my grass for awhile then sit in my neighbors trimmed, low growing juniper trees, cawing and cackling for a bit and then poof they are gone until the next morning.

Any ideas on this behavior? So glad I came across your blog.

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This morning, we found what looks to be a adolescent crow hanging in our backyard. A trio of adult crows have been taking turns watching out for the fledgling and happy to report they have progressively gotten less loud each time we go out. So many questions. Should we just leave them alone? Could I leave them food? Are there signs we should be looking out for in case the fledging is injured?

How best can we support this family in our backyard? Thanks so much! One resident in a wheelchair comes out after meals and leaves bread or buns for them. They seem to know what time it is. Hi Mrs. Out of curiosity, do you know how many other residents enjoy watching the crows too? I had a family of crows that followed me from one house to another. There was one distinctive one that came to get the food as his mate stayed in a tree close by my deck. I have been feeding them for a few years. I just found the male dead and the mate started coming to get the food.

What can I do to help protect her from these new crowd? Hi Carol. Hopefully she keeps ahold and finds a new mate soon. I feed some crows every day with a handful of unshelled raw peanuts or dried catfood, and I call them with a certain whistle. My wife and I have both been strafed before and yes, always from behind.

Once the crows followed me a couple of blocks to a coffeehouse, trying to strafe me as I walked down the street. The other day I was walking from my backyard to my front yard down my driveway and got knocked upside the head by one of the crows. I laughed and called the bird a spoiled brat. I have to admit that because I figured they were trying to get my attention that I did feed them. I love the crows and how intelligent they are and my hope is to get them to eat from my hand someday though admittedly that might not be the smartest idea.

Hi Jamie! Yes, some birds will strafe you to get your attention when they want food. I had one by my old house that did this. That can be a dangerous lesson for a wild bird. Otherwise, keep up your friendships. Best, Kaeli. Hi just going to bed when i heard a crow looked out window and two cats had a young crow cornered managed to save it wondering what to do next. I have a flegling crow who seems not scared of me. Mom and dad are still feeding it. It flys but not strong yet. I put him back in a tree a few days before.. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. FAQs about crows These are short answers to some of the more common questions I get asked. Crow Biology What is the difference between a crow and a raven? How long do crows live? Can crows really talk?

What hunts crows? Are crows monogamous? How do crows mate? How can you sex crows? Why are crows sometimes white? Crow Behavior Why do I see large groups of crows flying over my house every evening? Do crows ever kill each other? Do crows collect shiny objects? Why do crows gather around their dead? Crows and Humans I found a dead crow in my yard, how do I get rid of it without upsetting the crows? Can I get West Nile virus from touching a crow? Is it legal to keep pet crows? Why was I just attacked by a crow? How can I get rid of crows from my yard?

I enjoy feeding crows, what kind of food should I offer them? Do crows ever bring people gifts? Can they be trained to bring money? Crow Biology 1 What is the difference between a crow and a raven? Crow Behavior 1 Why do I see large groups of crows flying over my house every evening? Crows and Humans 1 I found a dead crow in my yard, how do I get rid of it without upsetting the crows? Not without a permit-see below.

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