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She sucks it up as another challenge and starts after Pace Martin. Her initial encounter with Pace is confrontational and she doubts she can pull this off. Instead it builds up into full blown affair. As they test the waters of their relationship, someone is leaking information about the team to the press. All evidence points to Holly and she tries to convince Pace and the team that she is not the culprit. Side characters Wade, Samantha and even crazy Tia provides enough entertainment. I expect it to be just as hot!

View all 6 comments. May 15, Courtnie rated it liked it Shelves: romance , contemporary-romance , reviewed , Entertaining with an scorching hot pitcher and a independent and capable albeit classically nosy journalist. Pace is an ace pitcher in the middle of the season of his career, when a nagging shoulder problem threatens to derail his train. The last thing he needs is a woman to distract him from his focus on the game and therapy he needs for healing.

Holly is a journalist hired by the Heat baseball team to spread a little good publicity through a 2. Holly is a journalist hired by the Heat baseball team to spread a little good publicity through a series of blog entries. Ultimately, her specialty is ferreting secrets while writing honest and compelling stuff that her readers eat up. When Pace puts on a brave face about a shoulder that is obviously causing him pain, Holly thinks she's found secret Can she share a secret that may destroy the beginning of something good?

Both Holly and Pace are in it to win it, but in the game of love both commit errors. I couldn't resist. I thought the first half was good - really good! As a baseball fan myself, I loved all the talk about the game. Honestly, I think this book is more tailored to fan than not. But things started to unravel for me at about the halfway point. It's just that one second they're talking about all their very valid, big feelings about career jeopardizing stuff and the next they're making out. It's like they have a little switch that says, "oh, yeah, we're supposed to be making out in this type of book - let's get to that".

Plus, I thought there were plenty of drama in their relationship between his shoulder and her required story for her publisher without adding the unnecessary scandal of banned substances. It was too much personally and counteracted the rest of the story of these guys on the team being close and talented. There were a lot of introductions to other single players on the team - which seems to indicate that there could have been a broader series that didn't pan out. I probably will read the next book however, because I liked the Heat's publicist, Samantha and her simmering, and possibly volcanic, relationship with Wade, the Heat's catcher.

It's baseball season, and I'm in the thick of the fever. Play ball! Jun 22, Tina "IRead2Escape" rated it really liked it Shelves: part-of-a-series , contemporary-romance , reviewed.

Oh my god, I honestly don't think that Jill Shalvis can write a bad book. Having read the Lucky Harbor series and loving it I figured I would try the Pacific Heat series and it didn't let me down. I may even love it more than the Lucky Harbor series. I know, gasp! Keep in mind, I love anything to do with sports, so this probably influences that thought. Pace Martin is the pitcher of the professional baseball team the Pacific Heat. He's feeling old and afraid that the rest of the world is going to Oh my god, I honestly don't think that Jill Shalvis can write a bad book.

He's feeling old and afraid that the rest of the world is going to see it. On top of that, the team is in need of some good PR, so Pace is asked to play nice with a certain writer who is determined to get her interview. He wants to hate her, but grudingly becomes to respect her and even like her. But, love her? No thank you. Holly Hutchins is a hard hitting writer for a blog titled Secrets.

She has a knack honed by her own childhood in sniffing out what others are trying to hide. She's up front and honest about who she is, but not apologetic. She loves what she does and refuses to be sorry for exposing someone when they have truly done something wrong. She's not a tabloid whore, trying to ruin lives.

Instead, focuses on actually seeing those that have done wrong exposed and brought to the public eye. Can she convince Pace that she isn't out to hurt him when she is showing kindness it's not a ploy to get information on his team? Like all of Shalvis's books she starts each chapter with a quote.

I love this! Definitely, give this series a try. Supposed your errors were counted and published every day, like those of a baseball player. View all 12 comments. Mar 01, Lyndi W. My friends and I trade e-books and I traded my Patricia Cornwell collection for a Jill Shalvis collection and seriously doubting my sanity because of it. So I've been trying to tear through the collection so I can trade it in for something horribly smutty, which means I've basically read the same author for a week now.

Not a good idea. After a handful of DNFs where the tropes and cliches were so abundant it was almost parody, I've finished maybe 10 books? And now I'm starting to recognize phras My friends and I trade e-books and I traded my Patricia Cornwell collection for a Jill Shalvis collection and seriously doubting my sanity because of it. And now I'm starting to recognize phrases that aren't just used in two or three books, but damn near every one of them. When a girl orgasms, she suddenly sees a kaleidoscope of colors. Without fail, all these heroes have magical dicks that make you see shit when you come.

Everyone has wild monkey sex. Perhaps it's just my bad luck that 3 books in a row have used this phrase, but I know without a doubt that it will show up again. And it's killing me. Are there domesticated monkeys? Do they have sex in the missionary position under the covers with the lights off? Do they schedule sex for once a week and the male leaves his trouser socks on?

I don't get it. Very rarely does the male lead throw a woman down and hump her into the floor before picking fleas and lice out of her hair. So I've yet to see any wild monkey sex , Jill Shalvis. Don't think. What the hell? Cutting off somebody's protest in a situation like this always makes me wonder. Is the girl really protesting and trying to make the guy stop? No means no, except in fiction?

If she had continued to protest, would he have continued? This feels weird. All the books take place in the Sierra Mountains. This is the only place that exists. As for this book, Double Play , I was surprisingly pleased with it. The authors tend to take the 'tenacious truth teller' thing a bit too far. But I really enjoyed Holly in this book. She was honest, fair, and didn't push too hard or too often. Pace was a good guy, his character came across as not only being under pressure but being up to the task of handling that pressure. I'd want one of him.

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The plot dragged a couple times, but only enough to make me skim a few paragraphs, not skip pages. I didn't feel like all the typical tropes were used or the plot was too formulaic, both of which surprised me since my latest complaints about Jill Shalvis were that the tropes were too common and the story too formulaic. Weird, eh? It's a light read - my heart wasn't pumping, my gut didn't hurt from laughing, no tears did I shed. But by the end of the book, I wanted the characters to live happily ever after. Mission accomplished, Shalvis. All in all, I enjoyed this book.

And after reading a shitload of books by this author, that's more surprising than finding an occupied glory hole in your bathroom stall wall. I'd definitely recommend this book to my friends that like cute, mindless reads. Oct 14, jscho rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Did anyone find it at all plausible that Holly and Pace would make out in the shower room before every game for good luck?

This would never happen in major league baseball!! Other than that and a few other small issues I enjoyed the book. It was a quick, very predictable and mostly entertaining read. It's a harlequin novel with the same basic story line only done 10x better!!! Jun 23, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: sports-romance.

I really enjoyed this book, but I am a baseball nut!!! This is what Pace and Holly were forced to do before every game by his manager. Now I fully believe there is a baseball god and that you must respect him, but this was a tad unbelievable that someone as smart and sassy as Holly would put up with this. And a bit annoying. I guess though it was necessary 4.

I think the story is better for it, and when they finally together, WOW! This is a great summer read and a great book for baseball fans, well actually for anyone who likes a sweet romance with a good ol' happy ending.

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Aug 04, Wicked Incognito Now rated it liked it Shelves: dnf-super-totally-awful. I can't point to anything wrong with this book per se, I just found it really bland. I was about halfway through with it thinking I wish I were already done with this so I could read something else. I don't HAVE to finish this book! So, I didn't.

Not bad. The writing was wel I can't point to anything wrong with this book per se, I just found it really bland. The writing was well executed, but there was just nothing for me to be excited about. View 2 comments. He lives and breathe baseball. Halfway in their third season, he's having his best one to date, but he's also got injuries and pain that could compromise everything. And new this year is the presence of Holly Hutchins, a reporter who specialise in finding secrets to expose. Will she find one with this team?

And can she deal between the balance of the heart and the mind if need be? Pace have so much to deal with so the last thing he need is an interview. The Pacific is a team, but lots of people put the pressure on him for the wins and the losses. Add to that bruise, sprain and having to play when he's hurting and let's not forget about his crazy fan more like stalker. But as unhappy as Pace is at the beginning, he'll quickly realize that Holly is not the annoying journalist he expected.

She gets him like no one else, she's got objectivity, compassion and despite trust issues, she doesn't hide her feelings and she have an open heart. She just never met someone who put her first and made her feel important. Holly didn't expect to ever find love, nor that a baseball player would be the one to make her believe in it. It's no secret I'm a big fan of Jill Shalvis. Double Play was one of the first books I read by this author and I liked it even more the second time and while it was good, with the quality that she accustomed us to, I can see how she improved her writing style over the years.

You can see the Shalvis's touch, but I think that if she was writting this story now, she would go deeper with the emotions and how the background of the characters affected them and there'ld be just a little more humor. Having said that, I still felt in love with Holly and Pace and this was a pretty satisfying romance.

What I liked best? The honesty between Holly and Pace. In my book, honesty is sexy ;p May 15, Kelly22 rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of steamy contemporary romance. Shelves: gorgeous-handsome-attractive-hero , jill-shalvis , contemporary-romance , bad-boy-rake-rogue-casanova , notorious-playboy-commitment-phobic , tortured-hero , witty-humerous-funny-comedy , alpha-hero , favorite-hero , opposites-attract.

What can I say; Jill Shalvis precisely acted like herself in writing another superb contemporary romance novel all over again! The ingredients of Double Play includes a witty, sexy romantic storyline, with an added twist of humor to proceed as a garnish!

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Making it one yummy novel to read! It features the story 4. It features the story of Pace and Holly who are two lonely people in their lives struggling to get busy in their professional lives while ignoring their personal lives completely. Pace Martin is a star pitcher of the Pacific Heat, a rising baseball team. He is uptight, strict, and arrogant with a tough attitude.

He plays baseball for the love of it rather for the money and has zero tolerance for any reporters or journalists. Holly Hutchins is a reporter, who knows how to get her work done and hence runs a very successful blog. She is particularly known by her boss to be a pro in uncovering secrets. She comes from a very humble background with a tight purse which is enough to make her take her work seriously.

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So she agrees when her boss announces that her new assignment is to do a three month series of blogs about the team and the players of Pacific Heat. When these two meet Pace appears to be cold with Holly at first and instincts tell her immediately that he is hiding something from her. At first Holly decides Pace is a stuck-up arrogant celebrity who obviously hates reporters. But however, the more she gets to learn him she finds him a genuinely good guy with inane humbleness and a kind heart.

She is immensely attracted to this sexy, handsome as sin athlete, but holds back thinking her to be a mediocre and plain in contrast to him and that he is nothing but an unwanted distraction at her line of work. On the other hand, Pace though not easily able to trust her completely, detects her fiery, carefree attitude and discovers an undeniable attraction towards her. At one point both of them finds it difficult to deny the much visible attraction that they are sharing. But, is it enough for him to trust her and open up to her?

Is it sufficient for her to get over the secrets he keeps and give in to the temptation of love? It is an inspirational, sweet romance full of flirtations, amusing arguments and one hot handsome hero and a sweet independent heroine. Also, the secondary characters are likeable and are added benefits to this beautiful novel. The readers will find not a single place for the book to be stalled. Every flavor and every little secondary anecdote that the book features were all enjoyable and were very much unique in their own domain.

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The humor, the sexual tension, the characters were utterly, likable. It is highly recommended. View all 5 comments. Oct 09, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: jill-shalvis. This was my first book by Jill Shalvis, and I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully written and well developed each character was, since this book by most standards is a little short. She did a great job and her writing style is superb.

Double Play

If this is any indication of how the rest of the series is going to go and possibly her other book s then I can't wait to get my hands on them. In this book you meet a multitude of great characters but the two who shine and make this book so great is Pace M This was my first book by Jill Shalvis, and I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully written and well developed each character was, since this book by most standards is a little short. In this book you meet a multitude of great characters but the two who shine and make this book so great is Pace Martin and Holly Hutchins the designated HEA.

They were the perfect pair for the first of this series. I have become enthralled with sports themed books in the past several years and when I come across a book that not only makes me love the book and not want to put it down till I finish it and at the same time get up watch a game tells me I'm reading a winner. Pace Martin fit the bill when asking for the perfect male lead, he bottled his feelings and held them close to his chest, but still knew when to let it out.

He had strong morals and a soft heart. Yet he wasn't perfect and he was well aware of it and wasn't ashamed to admit his flaws. Holly Hutchins was his exact equal she held her own and never faltered one bit in who she was. Sports romance, hot sex, a little family drama and long lost relatives, awesome friendships and just fantastic a heroine and hero who I loved spending time with as their one night stand got She is also the author of One Night with a Quarterback. Going for the Goal. Book 3.

In this perfect book for romance and sports fans, professional sports agent Jillian Nichols knows how to play the game to get what she wants. But admitting to what she needs has always been a challenge. Will she ever let her guard down long enough to let someone in? Protecting the Quarterback. Kristina Knight. This is more than just a game…to her Sports broadcaster Brooks Smith has always been more involved with the game than the players. But after she shares the spotlight at an awards ceremony with tabloid sensation Jonas Nash, one night of letting her guard down around the infamous quarterback spirals into many heated days and nights together when she gets assigned to the story of the year… The hottest player in professional football is hiding a secret that could end his career for good.

Now Brooks is caught on the sidelines between the job she loves and the man she is falling in love with. Takes Two to Tackle. Sometimes faking it is your only option The Bobcats staff suggests he get a life coach to keep him sober and get him back into playing shape, but Stephen says his girlfriend will help. Luckily for Stephen, he does have a housekeeper.

Margaret has always dreamed of starting her own elite cleaning service, and the money Stephen offers her to play the part of girlfriend is too good to pass up. And one night of passion will pull both of their heads out of the game I am sticking with these Bobcats to the end!

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