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Introduction to Geology

Early scientific attempts at reconstructing the history of the Earth were founded on the biblical narrative and thus used the term antediluvian to refer to a period understood to be essentially similar to the biblical one. Prior to the 19th century, rock was classified into three main types: primary or primitive igneous and metamorphic rock , secondary sedimentary rock and tertiary sediments. The primary rocks like granite and gneiss are void of fossils and were thought to be associated with the very creation of the world in the primary Pre-Adamitic period.

The secondary rocks, often containing copious fossils, though human remains had not been found, were thought to have been laid down in the secondary Pre-Adamitic period. The Tertiary rocks sediments were thought to have been put down after Creation and possibly in connection to a flood event, and were thus associated with the Adamitic period. As mapping of the geological strata progressed in the early decades of the 19th century, the estimated lengths of the various sub-periods were greatly increased. The fossil rich Secondary Pre-Adamitic period was divided up into the Coal period , the Lias and the Chalk period , later expanded into the now-familiar geologic time scale of the Phanerozoic.

However, there has since been debate among Creationists over the authenticity of arguments such as the one that 'there was no rain before the Flood' and previous ideas about what the antediluvian world was like are constantly changing. During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the understanding of the nature of early Earth went through a transformation from a biblical or deist interpretation to a naturalistic one.

Even back in the early 18th century, Plutonists had argued for an ancient Earth, but the full impact of the depth of time involved in the Pre-Adamitic period was not commonly accepted until uniformitarianism as presented in Charles Lyell 's Principles of Geology of A striking example is a description from "Memoires of Ichtyosauri and Plesiosauri", An "ungarnished and desolated world which echoed the flapping of [pterodactyl] leathern wings" was lit by "the angry light of supernatural fire", shining on a "sunless and moonless" world, before the creation of these heavenly "lights".

A modern naturalistic view of the ancient world, along with the abandonment of the term antediluvian , came about with the works of Darwin and Agassiz in the s. From antiquity, fossils of large animals were often quoted as having lived together with the giants from the Book of Genesis : e. They are often described in later books of the Bible , especially by God himself in the Book of Job : e. Re'em in verse , Behemoth in chapter 40 and Leviathan in chapter The geologists of the day increasingly came to use the term antediluvian only for the younger strata containing fossils of animals resembling those alive today.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the geological period with lower worldwide sea levels, see Last glacial period. In Graeme Dunphy ed. Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle. Leiden: Brill. Rutgers University Press.

Old Earth, Creation Science Book

London: Benjamin Tooke. In History, humanity and evolution: Essay for John C. Points to observe:. That would be roughly one-thousand years before the Earth is pronounced " without form, and void " in the Bible's time line, or about 6, years ago Genesis Clearly, the data indicate there were rapid temperature changes, an onset of intensive geologic activity, and probably changes in the levels of solar activity at this point in Earth's history. The latter probability is supported by reported fluctuations in radiocarbon concentrations in the Younger-Dryas cold period between 12, and 11, years BP.

In addition, abundant tiny particles of diamond dust have been found in sediments dating to 12, years ago at six North American sites. This latter observation adds strong evidence for Earth possibly being impacted by carbon-and-water-rich comets or carbonaceous chondrites asteroids or meteors at the time of the Younger-Dryas. For your information only, here are a few links to several reports concerning this possibility: Younger-Dryas event: Diamonds suggest comets caused killer cold spell - Comprehensive analysis of impact spherules supports theory of cosmic impact 12, years ago - New evidence that cosmic impact caused Younger Dryas extinctions.

Unfortunately, the Biblical notion of a universal catastrophic destruction of all living things in the recent geologic past, followed by a Supernatural regeneration of the face of the Earth and the restoration of its surface flora and fauna by the Lord God, is not something many men and women of science would even consider within the context of the Scientific Method.

Lecture—Recent Discoveries at Sardis: From the Bronze Age to the End of Antiquity

So, expect even more new theories to emerge as scientists continue to wrestle with this problem. And it does present problems, in reasoning and common-sense:. Would it not seem logical that a catastrophic event of this magnitude and severity, which wiped out the giant mammals, would also wipe out the humanoids that hunted them? That would call into question the validity of the scientific theories that those so-called nomadic hunters, who killed off the mega fauna, subsequently emerged from the Ice Ages, gave up hunting and took up agriculture.

In fact, God commanded Adam and Eve to replace that perished race of beings:. And this is where the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures begins to fill in the missing pieces of this mystery. If the Paleoclimate data are valid, and the Biblical time line of Adam and modern mankind is valid, then we must conclude that those perished beings were on the face of the Earth before Adam and Eve. But who and what were they?

Whether or not these beings were the fleshly descendents of the fallen angels, or a biological hybrid or product of cross-breeding, we can't know for sure. So what were they? The DNA from three 3 different sets of Neanderthal remains showed that there is no genetic link between modern man and the Neanderthal. The remains of an "anatomically modern human" Cro-Magnon , found in Australia, have revealed that it was at least 60, years old and had a mitochondria DNA generic marker which is now extinct.

That is, nobody today is descended from that particular line of beings, at least on the female side. This find has raised serious debate between the "Out of Africa" and "Regional Continuity" evolutionary camps. Although there have been relatively recent reports of finding Neanderthal DNA segments in the DNA of some of the Earth's modern human population, this does not conclusively prove that Neanderthals and modern man mated sometime in the past.

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Angels always appear as men throughout the Bible. And in order to create any offspring with human women, they too must have unique DNA. If Genesis is indicative of such behavior in Noah's days, and Daniel hints of the same such behavior in more recent times or the near future , then it is a stretch to assume those same " sons of God " could have been up to those same tricks with the bipedal biologics that inhabited the Pre-Adamite world?

Evolutionary mainline science still cannot provide a fully satisfactory answer to origins of modern man. As the tools of science improve, like refined DNA techniques, the mysteries will only become more mysterious as is demonstrated by the above cases.

Reasoning from a uniformitarian paradigm, and in reference to the above-cited pro and con cases of DNA connections to present humans, secular scientists will say that this only means those particular lines of humans must have been a branch of mankind that perished. They would have to make the claim that, as Evolutionary "theory" demands, that there was continuity of the human race. However, the link between the evidence from the past and present is still yet to be "scientifically" established. In fact, evolutionary research is finding just the opposite.

Today scientists are claiming that human evolution has greatly accelerated, particularly since about 10, years ago. The truth is, there are big morphological differences between "modern man" and "primitive man," and pronouncing a sudden acceleration of evolution is their only way of explaining the findings within the accepted evolutionary paradigm.

The Bible has a better answer: Modern man is a new creation; a new creation made in God's image and placed on the face of the regenerated Earth to "replenish" it. The concisely parsed words of the Holy Bible say that there is a gap, or discontinuity, between the ancient world of the past which included the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon and the present world of modern man. The very existence of such a gap in the Genesis narrative is the unifying factor between the Bible narrative and the observations of geology and paleontology. Without knowledge that a "gap" existed, mainline science assumes that there was a continuum of life and attempts to fill in the blanks with the available evidence and theories to explain that evidence.

Life did not evolve and achieve self-conscience awareness.

Daniel E. Flath's Documents

God created it and He made the planet to be inhabited Isaiah Exactly when in time it was first created and inhabited is not revealed in the Scriptures. Waters and darkness are already there before God says, " Let there be light. Leaving behind the obscure and mysterious events of the Pleistocene epoch and the geologic ages that came before it, let us now examine God's handiwork of the seven days of Genesis regeneration of life on the face of the Earth.

Since we extensively cover the topic of the restored structure of the cosmos on our page, The Firmament, Third Heaven, and Structure of All Things Biblical , we will concentrate here on the restoration of life forms on the Earth's surface during the seven-days of Genesis. On the third day God replenished the Earth with vegetation:. Notice the phrases, " after his kind " - What it is saying is that what God put on the Earth during the seven-days was modeled after the same kind of plants that were on the Earth before.

On the fourth day God made the sun, moon and stars from the ruins of the old cosmic order. The fact that the Bible says God made the vegetation on the third day, and the sun on the fourth day, causes Bible critics to point out that plants need sunshine to grow photosynthesis , so the sequence can't possibly be true. Is this a mistake or is this unscientific? If the seven days of Genesis were literal hour days, which they were, then there is no problem here.

Since there were less than 24 hours between the placement of the vegetation day 3 and the making of the regerated sun day 4 , any farmer will tell you that all plants can survive 24 hours without any sunlight. This order the plants before sunshine disallows the notions that the seven " days " are long periods of time or that the Genesis account roughly parallels the geologic record.

It does neither.

A 60,000 Year Varve Record from Japan Refutes the Young-Earth Interpretation of Earth’s History

Think about that one. On the fifth day He filled the oceans with fish and aquatic mammals and filled the skies with birds:. And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that [it was] good. Again, there is that " after their kind " thing again, this time concerning the creatures in the sea and the birds. Note of Interest: The wording of the above passage says that all the birds in our present world came forth from the waters, NOT the land.

The Bible shows that modern birds are not the direct descendants of the dinosaurs. From a relatively recent study: Scientists say no evidence exists that therapod dinosaurs evolved into birds. According to the fossil record, there have been life forms in the Earth's oceans for millions of years.

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Many are long since extinct and new kinds took their place over the geologic ages. There are also fish that scientists thought were long extinct, but which have been found alive in today's oceans.

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