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Practical help with grammar and vocabulary. Oxford Grammar for Schools is a 7-level series that helps you understand and practise grammar, supporting and extending what you learn in your coursebook. Understand the grammar: Look at the Can do statements to find out what you will learn. See grammar in action with pictures and examples. Activate your language skills: Learn by listening - not only by reading. Practise communicating with the correct pronunciation.

Use the grammar youve learned in real-lifewriting activities. Songs in levels 1 -3 and games use the grammar and make it easier to remember. Make progress: Choose from three levels of exercises. Try the revision unit activities that practise more than one grammar topic. Recycle and build on grammar you learned in other levels.

Rate your progress with the end-of-unit self-evaluation boxes. Prepare for exams with exam-style questions. End-of-level tests. Exam-style questions. Understand the grammar Look at the Can do statements to find out what you will learn; See grammar in action with pictures and examples; Activate your language skills Learn by listening - not only by reading; Practise communicating with the correct pronunciation; Use the grammar youve learned in real-lifewriting activities; Songs in levels 1 -3 and games use the grammar and make it easier to remember Make progress Choose from three levels of exercises; Try the revision unit activities that practise more than one grammar topic; Recycle and build on grammar you learned in other levels; Rate your progress with the end-of-unit self-evaluation boxes; Prepare for exams with exam-style questions.

A grammar practice series, taking students from elementary to advanced. Updated to include interactive e-books with the print books, as well as downloadable tests.


Short, clear grammar explanations are easy to rememberReal examples show how the grammar works in practiceEngaging practice activities include Internet exercises, Grammar in a text and Grammar and vocabularyColour illustrations and cartoons put grammar in contextExercises are organized into two levels of difficulty Basic and Intermediate only Pronunciation for Grammar, in the e-book, helps students to understand natural speech, and to improve rhythm, stress and intonationFree downloadable lesson-by-lesson Teachers Guide for each level offers suggestions for hundreds of additional communicative and out-of-class activities.

Grammar Friends 1. Students Book. The step-by-step grammar presentations in Grammar Friends introduce form, use and meaning in a way that even young beginner learners can understand and remember. Whats up? And what about you? How was it? What did you do there? Did you meet anybody interesting? Did you do anything special this summer? Was it boring? I have to go. See you later. You discuss it. You succeed. So if he wanted to make a difference with his degree in creative writing, he could correct the mistakes he had seen over the years in signs. Advanced Contrast 2 B Burlington Books.

We are going to correct mistakes on signs. The post has just arrived. This seems to be a classroom or a library. At the front we can see the teachers desk. They look like students. It looks like theyre listening to the teacher. Perhaps the teacher is telling a joke. I guess the students are about 18 years old. You can tell that theyre enjoying the lesson. I suppose they are friends. They are sitting in a caf, chatting.

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In the background, there are shops, so they are probably in a shopping centre. They seem to be having a good time. Perhaps they are celebrating a birthday. In the background, theres a large screen with figures. It looks like the men are arguing with the woman. Perhaps she is blaming them for making a bad decision. I think the argument is going to get worse and there will be lots of yelling. The success of the Lord of The Rings films.

Connectors of Cause and Result. Consequently, they stopped building the Tower of Babel. For this reason, he can become a translator. Advertising makes us believe that we need a lot of stuff and some people get into debt buying things that they dont really need. I think adverts just show us whats new and available in the end, its up to us whether or not we buy it. Theyre often funny or clever and can be fun to watch everyone has their favourite TV ad.

Topic Vocabulary Finances. Product placement is unfair and deceptive to consumers. Nobody saw them. It cost more than they wrote in the advert. Theyre all well-known people. Its a good thing that it didnt happen. They chose the winners. She said that that day, she was going to focus on the history of advertising. She informed us that the following week she would analyse some examples of adverts that she had chosen. She said that James Walter Thompson had purchased the company in She explained that he had decided to have two departments: one for doing business with clients, and the other a creative department of writers and artists to design the adverts.

I am going to live within my budget next month. Has he ever written adverts? They have been advertising their product for a month. True 3. True 4. This technique uses insecurity and works very well. False A childish advert makes a poor impression. True 6. True 7. True 8.

But dont you think 6. Personally, 7. I have to admit that 8. I suppose. Its really eyecatching. What do you think? It makes people assume that if everyone is happy using the product, they will be, too. If everyone buys Terrio Fashion, then wheres the individuality? I think its powerful and has got a lot of humour in it. B: I think that its misleading. I think thats over the top. Nevertheless, I thought it was boring. Some adverts, like this one, are really over the top. The writer is against TV adverts aimed at children. I adore everything about her: her music, fashion, style, personality.

She truly cares about her fans! I think she has no talent. She is just interested in provoking a reaction. In passive sentences, the action is emphasised, while the perfomer of the acton is either unimportant or unknown. This is also true of the causative form. Its not a new idea its been around for years.

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Eton is a prestigious school. Well be enjoying her music for years to come. The best part of the film was the costumes. Our film club teamed up with a local studio. A weird thing happened to me yesterday. The behaviour of some celebrities is outrageous. Born This Way 3. Beethoven 5. John Lennon 6.

Justin Bieber 7. Beyonc 8. The Grammy 9. Britney Spears Youve been interviewed 2. Youre treated 3. Its said 5. Big Brother was being filmed 6. I was given 7. I had been voted off 8. An autographed poster has been sent to Joel. She has been singing since 9 oclock. Sam cant be in China. We had some coffee during the interval. This review says the concert was excellent. The singer had rehearsed the song for months. The tickets sold out within 15 minutes. The concert venue was a large amphitheatre.

There were hundreds of people there. They exercise a lot in order to have great bodies. Boyfriends and girlfriends are not allowed. Thanks to the internet, K-Pop has become popular. Both pictures show 2. Another similarity is that the people are enjoying the music they are listening to. The pictures are quite different because in picture III, people are dancing to music in a crowded venue, while in picture IV, somebody is in a room listening to music. Another difference is that in picture III, the music is loud and the girls seem to be having fun, while in picture IV, the boy is listening to music with earphones.

He appears to be relaxed. He also sang well. They had a brilliant hip-hop sound and the crowd went wild. We booked only two tickets for the show. Im hungry.

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I had just a sandwich for lunch. Jane looked up to the 3. I try to fit 5. Any singer promoted through the internet can become a global phenomenon. Lets 3. Im not sure 4. To tell you the truth, Im not mad about 5. Are you serious 6. I cant stand 7. Id rather 8.

I wouldnt mind 9. Why dont we. Possible Answers 1. A wilderness might have many wild animals. At an auction, things are sold to the highest bidder. A person may be guilty of stealing cars. He regretted his decision to leave school. Your sleep can be disrupted by a loud noise. Nos encantara conocerlo. Zero Conditional 2. Third Conditional 3. First Conditional 4. Second Conditional. Sentences 1 and 2: wish Sentence 3: regret 1. The situation will get worse unless we take action. Make a banana cake if they are too soft to eat.

As soon as you arrive, the police will arrest you. Best Title: Option 3 Possible Answers 1. If only they had left it the way it was. I wish I were eighteen! I wish they were cheaper. If only I had gone with you! I wish he would make more of an effort. If only I had won the competition. I wish I could stay a bit longer. As soon as I get home today, Ill give you a call. I wish I could travel.

He will be given an award. I wish I werent so tall.

We have been growing our own vegetables for a year. If only I hadnt worn jeans. True 2. False It can do up to 60 kilometres an hour. False The roads in China are really crowded. Its a kind of car that doesnt need petrol. What does it look like? It looks like a bubble. It is made of fibreglass, which is light and strong. It doesnt pollute or emit carbon dioxide. Well, it reduces global warming and is really cheap to run.

Is it being used yet? No, it is still being tested. It is a dance floor which produces energy from people dancing. It looks like a crystal floor with lights. It is made of crystal blocks which produce an electrical current. It is a clean, renewable energy source. Well, it helps reduce global warming. It doesnt generate enough energy to supply all of a clubs energy and it only works if people are dancing fast and hard. Yes, it is being used at public events around the world. Unfortunately, rainforests are still being cut down. We stayed at green hotels during our holiday. I think cartoon 3 is most likely to happen in real life because in a conservative business climate appearance really matters.

I feel cartoon 2 is also likely to happen in real life because parents usually have high career expectations for their kids.

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False Your salary increases. False You are a worker. False Stop working there. False Your boss is unhappy with you. James likes reading and from whom he could learn a lot. The more education you get, the more opportunities you will have in the future and having more options leads to success and happiness in life.

College had its worth 20 years ago when not everyone had a degree. In addition, most of the required courses are totally impractical. What do you propose to do about the problem?


Its a privilege to work with this professor. She tried to run away when she was Lets throw out this stuff that we dont need. American companies have set up call centres 3. The man to whom I introduced you is my boss. George is a colleague on whom you can rely. This is the plan to which we were referring. I wish that she hadnt been fired. The university you have applied for is excellent. The man I introduced you to is my boss. George is a colleague you can rely on.

This is the plan we were referring to. You should avoid giving personal information. Questions asked by an employer: 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 Questions asked by a job applicant: 2, 5, 6. Possible Answer Additional questions asked by an employer: Why did you leave your last job? What is your biggest accomplishment? Additional questions asked by a job candidate: Will I have to work overtime? Is there parking nearby? What do people do for lunch. What work experience have you got? Could you tell me about the job?

What are the working hours? Why do you think youd be good at this job?

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  • What would you say are your best characteristics? Im afraid I dont have much. Ive just taught English to young kids during my summer holidays. Tell me honestly, why do you think youd be good at this job? Well, because I like sorting out problems and Id love to help customers. Also, I can learn really fast. Im trustworthy and reliable. Ive just completed my A levels and I think I can work well under pressure.

    You know its a full-time job and wed expect you to work in shifts. Is that okay with you? Yes, no problem. I dont mind working shifts. I worked as a camp counsellor last summer it was quite rewarding and I learnt a lot of different skills. What are your plans for the future? Id like to apply for a university where I can study hotel management. Ive always liked hotels.

    Well, because Ive got great people skills and can speak English, French and Spanish. Im quite fluent in French, actually. Im also reliable and conscientious. You know you would have to do different duties: check in hotel guests, take reservations and receive payments for accommodation. And its a full-time job. Its fine. The writer has worked as a summer camp counsellor 3. The writer is reliable, organised and hard-working.

    I am writing in response to your advert. I hope you will consider my application favourably. Advanced Language 1. So campaigns are needed to make young drivers aware of the dangers. Second, new software that can block calls, texts and e-mails while driving. False In most cars, the boot is at the back. Oprah Winfrey. I think she would stop doing it if she saw the video because this kind of road safety campaign is very realistic and shows that it can happen to anyone.