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I must say I am glad it was not as many of the places we were able to explore are not readily accessible by rail. Thank you for hooking us up with Noel.

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What a treasure! His knowledge of the area and culture were invaluable. He seemed to know of and have access to areas that I know not many people are able to experience.

Thanks again for setting all of it up. Contact Dave at Dave and Debbie Hensleigh Wecome to Mexico!

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Recommended Travel Insurance Contact. Look for someone at the airport with a sign with your name on it. Jan 2, Friday Chiapa de Corzo Hotel La Ceiba L We have many sites we can see in this area including Sumadero Canyon, local eateries and food vendors, ancient churches, and the hospitality of a small town.

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Chiapa de Crozo is historic, quiet, and a perfect place to stroll the plaza. Our cozy hotel is a bit off the main path and easy walking distance to the market, center, and Guadalupe church.

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  • There is much to do here—including just relaxing and enjoying the place. We will get a short van and walking tour and a map to get you set to explore on your own.

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    Optional day trip to the village of Amatenango, a Tzeltal village known for its potters. Day 15 — Huatulco Sorry.. Come back later. Day 17 — Zaragoza — Tuxtla Gutierrez Sorry.. Day 18 — Tuxtla Gutierrez Sorry.. Day 20 — San Cristobal de las Casas Sorry.. Day 25 — Villahermosa Bus to Cancun hours. Day 26 — Villahermosa — La Venta Sorry.. Day 27 — Villahermosa — Veracruz Sorry.. Day 28 — Veracruz Bus to Cancun hours.

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    Day 29 — Veracruz — Cempoala — Veracruz Sorry.. Day 30 — Veracruz — Xalapa Bus to Cancun hours.

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    On the way we may stop at the ruins at Tonina—as well as some local cheeses along the way. This site is distinguished by its well preserved stucco sculptures and particularly by its in-the-round carved monuments, not seen in Mesoamerica since the end of the much earlier Olmec civilization.

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    Lacondan culture is ancient and fascinating and we will get a full intro to the foods, customs, etc. This site contains some of the finest architecture, sculpture, roof comb and bas-relief carvings that the Mayas produced. Villahermosa is about 2 hrs from Palenque. Does not include your personal tour options, alcohol, tips. Constant Contact Use. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. Source: ExchangeRates. A peak at our Copper Canyon trip.

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    Travelers love our trips! Here is a comment from a recent trip: I keep meaning to send you an email concerning our trip to Copper Canyon.

    Search our site here for Mexcio info. Is Mexico safe? We have many sites we can see in this area including Sumadero Canyon, local eateries and food vendors, ancient churches, and the hospitality of a small town. Plan on getting involved in day trips the next two days if you want…or just explore San Cristobal on your own.