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In the book we have three different locations England, Spain, Mexico and three main plot lines a the confrontation between Thomas and Juan de Garcia; b relationship of Thomas and Otomi and c the fight of indigineous people in Mexico for their freedom. As you can see it's really a lot. And for the first third of the book it's done pretty well in terms of its pacing. My favorite part so far has be Montezuma's Daughter is the novel that strives to be a lot but ends up not achieving its goal.

My favorite part so far has been the protagonist's life in Seville and his relationship with his mentor. But then his journey to Mexico lost me. But the characters on the location were black and white, we can definitely see the author's point of view and what he stands for. Sometimes I thought I'm reading again one of the notes I took throughout my studies. I mean it was not sophisticated enough to write the characters of Montezuma and Cortes as some cheesy and cliched ones as I wanted to see a deeper examination of these historical figures although I understand that we have a story about the Englishman brought into the conflict not about the people who changed the history.

The villain is extremely cartoonish, pure evil, he seems to be a mere plot device to bring Thomas to the New World and make him stay there for so long. The Otomi-Lily rivalry seems a good part of the story as we have a torn soul of Thomas who is full of guilt and fascination, his doubts and thoughts made the characters be realastic and human at the same time. So I'm kinda Thomas who's haunted by his doubts about his past and living in the moment. Loved the England and Spain parts, kinda meh about his Mexico stay. Overall for those who doesn't know a lot about this period of time I would recommend to read it carefully and do not paint the history black in white, in most cases and this one is not the exception it's about grey areas that are not presented in the book.

Have you happened to reveal that the greatest story in the world lays on your hands at the moment? I did. From the first pages I understood, "Here it is, my favorite book". I was dreaded last it should end. And the reason is the manner of presentation.

Montezuma's Daughter by H. Rider Haggard - Audiobook ( Part 1/4 )

First you know something is going to take place, then you're finding out how it would be. Next chapter, or somewhere you wouldn't expect, but it's inevitably. I tried to prolong it. I didn't want it to end. I trow it away to delay reading some cha Have you happened to reveal that the greatest story in the world lays on your hands at the moment? I trow it away to delay reading some chapters which names threatened with terrible development to come. I pleaded destiny to spare people of Anahuac from savage oppressors.

Oh, how I wished this book were much more then one thin volume. What should I read now when the most perfect and romantic story is over, and nothing can surprise me. Reading this book I finally understood what stories may fascinate me so much so nothing would matter. It must be a story to love trough historical background, with nobility and bravery, self-sacrifice and dedication. All this traits were embodied in one stately, selfless woman. Such appeared to be the princess of the last free village of empire of Anahuac. Proud, but tender and subtle. She had became the wife and mother, and still nothing could shake her readiness to die for freedom and her honor.

Montezuma's Daughter by H. Rider Haggard

I saw fearless people, they would choose fight and unpreventable death rather than to live in slavery. Hard to say, but there's nothing more important than life, in modern society. So as wild otomi tribe I am more fond of. Typically action-packed yet creaky adventure story from the popular and prolific Victorian purveyor of buckled swashes.

This time around Haggard takes us to exotic 16th century Anahuac - the Aztec name for Mexico - via Seville and the not-so-exotic Norfolk, England. Thomas Winfield is out narrator and adventurer, having sworn an oath to kill the man who murdered his mother, the fiendish Spaniard Juan de Garcia. He arrives in Mexico a full year before Cortez himself and ends up fighting on the sid Typically action-packed yet creaky adventure story from the popular and prolific Victorian purveyor of buckled swashes.

He arrives in Mexico a full year before Cortez himself and ends up fighting on the side of the Aztecs. He doesn't approve of their killing and eating people, but he does approve of Montezuma's beautiful daughter, Otomie. Sword fights, shipwreck, starvation and, of course, human sacrifice, are just a few of the scrapes he gets into along the way.

Cameos for both Montezuma and Cortez enliven a plot which largely follows the recorded history of Spain's conquest of the Aztec nation. As a narrator Thomas Winfield willingly admits that 'pen and ink were tools I had no skill in', and he may well have been talking of Haggard himself to some extent, considering the author's customarily stilted dialogue and stuffy prose.

He can rip a good yarn though, which is why his name endures. Montezuma's Daughter was roughly as good and as bad as other, similar stories of his I have read. If anything, perhaps it was a touch long. He's H. Rider Haggard after all, not Homer; his style doesn't befit anything on an epic scale. The first book I read that made me a fan of the 'adventure' genre.

I'd been taught believing "vengeance" is not a good thing but this book, oh dear, took vengeance to a great new level, making it a life long journey with slight thrills here and there, seas, fights and what not. If I ever end up leaving my home for any kind of adventure later, this book will be responsible and thanks to people who recommended me this book. Very interesting. The time period is eye-opening. How is it the Aztecs are savages. He thinks his is a much nobler act: revenge.

Hers is demonic and savage: sacrificing those who killed her people. Other than cultural what is the difference?

We condemn what we don't understand or is different from the way we do things. Not many things change from one time period to the next. I read that book years ago omg. I remember I was sick while reading this and whenever trying to sleep either sickness or the gory scenes from the book were interrupting me, but other than that it was fantastic.

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I am ashamed to admit though I understood that this book was about an actual historical person only few days ago at my tutor. I was so disappointed. Had very high expectations on this book when I was reading the first pages and it seemed to be a good old fashion revenge story but the focus was completely lost when the main character mingled with the Incas.

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And after that, it became a very unrealistic story with boring tribal warfare and cheesy dialogs. And the ending was so terrible. This adventure story is entertaining and explores Montezuma's 'betrayal' of his people to the Spanish invaders in the context of a personal quest by the narrator to avenge the murder of his mother. I particularly enjoyed the Spanish section and the descriptions of Seville and felt the pace of the novel dropped as the tale moved to the Americas.

I know, I know it was another Victorian era Black Legend story, but Haggard couldn't be wrong with such a plot. By the mid of the book I already hated the Spanish. The recurring Christian sentiment is irritating. Why not put down the false morale and dive deep into the dark heart of the old New World. Still, the revenge leitmotif spiced the story. Well, what can I say. This was an adventure and I'm sure men ate it up for that reason and women for the romance. I have to say, the Aztec's had a very strong concept of British grammar, which made me snicker at times.

I have not read much about this time in history but am curious to find more now. To me it seems to be a male version of Jane Austen stories. Worth the read. I went on a cruise to the Mexican riviera with my family over Thanksgiving and wanted an entertaining read set in that country. It filled the bill. It kept my interest in spite of being put down and resumed often and not read for sustained periods, the sort of book that one needs on vacations with a lot of interaction with other people.

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The story is exciting and interesting. I truly have no words for such a wonderful love and adventure story! Yes the writing is old and classic but that does not take from the voice of the author and the ability to tell a great story of far away lands. Such a great break from modern day fiction! Do yourself a favor- read this story!!!! Shelves: fiction , history. An epic tale of romantic adventure written in I believe my book was published on that date, it was literally falling apart.

Loved the old language and the setting in Mexico when Cortes was attacking the Aztecs. It is great book about fantastic adventure! I red it in a few days, and I am sorry that I already finished it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About H. Chapter XXI. The Kiss of Love. Chapter XXII. The Triumph of the Cross. Thomas is Married. Chapter XXIV. The Night of Fear. Chapter XXV. The Burying of Montezuma's Treasure. Chapter XXVI.

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The Crowning of Guatemoc. The Fall of Tenoctitlan. Thomas is Doomed.

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Chapter XXIX. De Garcia Speaks His Mind. Chapter XXX.

Montezuma's Daughter by H. Rider Haggard

The Escape. Chapter XXXI. Otomie Pleads with Her People. The End of Guatemoc. Isabella de Siguenza is Avenged. The Siege of the City of Pines. Chapter XXXV. The Last Sacrifice of the Women of the Otomie. The Surrender. Otomie's Farewell. Thomas Comes Back from the Dead. LibriVox recording of Montezuma's Daughter by H.

Rider Haggard. Read in English by Patrick79 A moving adventure story narrated by Thomas Wingfield, an Englishman, for Queen Elizabeth 1 of England about the murder of his mother, his trail of vengeance against the murderer which leads him to the Spanish Inquisition, slavery, romance and living under Montezuma in his kingdom which is now called Mexico. Summary by Patrick79 For further information, including links to online text, reader information, RSS feeds, CD cover or other formats if available , please go to the LibriVox catalog page for this recording.

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