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The first sign of a urinary tract infection in an older adult might be confusion or a fall.

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If the nurse does not have the knowledge and skills to further evaluate the older adult who might fall or become confused, the infection can go untreated and result in overwhelming infection, and possibly death. Age-appropriate assessments: the foundation for good care of older adults Assessment has long been recognized as the most important step in determining appropriate care.

The Scope and Standards of Gerontological Nursing Practice establishes the professional standards, required nursing knowledge, and the specific nursing skills and abilities against which gerontological nurses are held professionally and legally responsible. These standards define assessment as the first step in managing patients and the basis for developing a comprehensive plan of care.

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Good assessment leads to all subsequent care and requires that nurses know:. The links below will take you to the videos and articles specific to each topic. Videos can be watched in their entire format, or in chapters that relate to the specific assessment skills described above. Articles may be printed and copied for educational use without copyright fees.

How to Try This Assessments and Best Practices in Care of Older Adults Caring for older adults is far more complex than the majority of today's nurses and other healthcare providers ever learned in school, and than the majority of faculty in any schools of nursing are prepared to teach their students. I am currently rewriting the information for this course and am utilising this book many times, particularly on issues around ageism.

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This book will be promoted as an essential text for the course. Skip to main content. Series: Transforming Nursing Practice Series. Courses: Adult Nursing. November pages Learning Matters.

Download flyer. Description Contents Reviews Preview This book is part of the Transforming Nursing Practice series, written specifically to support nursing students on the new degree programme.

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Michele Board and Ann Hemingway. A good introduction to all areas relating to caring for the older adult - clearly written. Dr Michael Bergin. Department of nursing and health sciences, Waterford Institute of Technology. December 29, Report this review. Ms Julie Tilstone. Education, Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

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April 21, Ms Susan Dray. June 24, A good essential read for students on pre registration programmes of nursing.

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Miss Nyree Kendall.