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Subjects Fantasy Fiction Literature Thriller. The Ruling Sea begins where Robert V. It is a wedding that will both fulfill the promise of a mad god's return and see her murdered. Pazel has thwarted the sorcerer who would bring back the god but both sides now face deadlock.

Can Thasha be saved? Can the war between two Empires be stopped? The Ruling Sea is, once again, focused on the giant ancient ship Chathrand, but now she must brave the terrors of the uncharted seas-the massive storms and the ship-swallowing whirlpools-and explore lands forgotten by the Northern world, all the time maintaining a vicious running battle with a ship half her size but nearly her match. A masterpiece of plotting and adventure, Redick's new novel takes the listener further into the labyrinthine plots and betrayals that have underscored the trilogy from the beginning.

We learn more about the Ixchel as they fight for survival against the Chathrand's rats, discover more about the true motives of conspirators, live with Thasha and Pazel as they face death and deceit, and watch as the Chathrand sails into the infamous Ruling Sea. Fantasy Fiction Literature Thriller. Redick Author Robert V. More about Robert V. The Ruling Sea Embed. New here? Learn how to read digital books for free.

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Media The Ruling Sea. Required Cookies These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. With The Red Wolf Conspiracy he launches the first book of a trilogy destined to take its place among the classics of epic fantasy.

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The Imperial Merchant Ship Chathrand is the last of her kind. Six hundred years old, the secrets of her construction long forgotten, the massive vessel dwarfs every other sailing craft in the world.

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It is a palace with sails, a floating outpost of the Empire of Arqual. And it is on its most vital mission yet: to deliver a young woman whose marriage will seal the peace between Arqual and its mortal enemy, the secretive Mzithrin Empire. But the young woman in question-Thasha, the daughter of the Arquali ambassador-has no intention of going meekly to the altar. For the ship's true mission is not peace but war-a war that threatens to unleash an ancient, all-consuming evil. More in nautical fiction. Mad Ship. Book 2. The characterizations are consistently superb, and [Hobb] animates everything with love for and knowledge of the sea.

And Althea Vestrit waits even more avidly, living only to reclaim the ship as her lost inheritance and captain her on the high seas. But her chief virtue is that she delineates character extremely well. Sword of Fire and Sea. Captain Vidarian Rulorat's great-grandfather gave up an imperial commission to commit social catastrophe by marrying a fire priestess. For love, he unwittingly doomed his family to generations of a rare genetic disease that follows families who cross elemental boundaries. Now Vidarian, the last surviving member of the Rulorat family, struggles to uphold his family legacy, and finds himself chained to a task as a result of the bride price his great-grandfather paid: The priestess Endera has called upon Vidarian to fulfill his family's obligation by transporting a young fire priestess named Ariadel to a water temple far to the south, through dangerous pirate-controlled territory.

Vidarian finds himself at the intersection not only of the world's most volatile elements, but of the ancient and alien powers that lurk between them This Forsaken Earth. His origins are a mystery. Others say much worse. By all appearances, Rol Cortishane is just another ruthless pirate roaming the lawless seas, raiding warships and slavers. But the truth is something far more complicated and dangerous than anyone can imagine, including Rol.

Even as he seeks to escape his birthright, Rol is slowly discovering who—and what—he really is. Now a treacherous figure from his past has made him a proposition it would be fatal to turn down. Racing against time, Rol must chart a harrowing course across the sea, back to the beautiful Rowen and the people she would rule as Queen. With his steadfast crew—the battle-scarred Creed, the mirthful halftroll Gallico, and a young escaped slave named Giffon—Rol will plunge headlong into a destiny as dark as they come.

And toward a terrifying battle against an enemy as determined to destroy the world as Rol is to save it.


The Mark of Ran. A stunning blend of visionary storytelling and majestic prose, The Mark of Ran is a new masterpiece of imaginative fiction. In this epic adventure, Paul Kearney records the voyages of a reluctant hero, a band of outcasts, and a quest into the unknown no one has ever dared before. In a world abandoned by its Creator, an ancient race once existed—one with powers mankind cannot imagine.

Some believe they were the last of the angels. Others think they were demons.

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Rol Cortishane was raised in a remote fishing village with no idea of his true place in the world. But in his veins runs the blood of this long-forgotten race and he shares their dangerous destiny. Driven from home, accused of witchcraft and black magic, Rol takes refuge in the brooding tower sanctuary of the enigmatic Michal Psellos.

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The Ruling Sea

Kevin J. Terra Incognita - the blank spaces on the map, past the edge of the known world, marked only by the words "here be monsters. Each will send its ships to brave the untamed waters, wild storms, sea serpents, and darker dangers unseen by any man. It is a perilous undertaking, but there will always be the impetuous, the brave, and the mad, willing to leave their homes to explore the unknown. Even unto the edge of the world Similar ebooks.

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The Old Man and the Sea. Ernest Hemingway. The last novel Ernest Hemingway saw published, The Old Man and the Sea has proved itself to be one of the enduring works of American fiction. It is the story of an old Cuban fisherman and his supreme ordeal: a relentless, agonizing battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream. Using the simple, powerful language of a fable, Hemingway takes the timeless themes of courage in the face of defeat and personal triumph won from loss and transforms them into a magnificent twentieth-century classic.

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The Rise of the Iron Moon. Stephen Hunt.


Perfect for fans of Philip Pullman and Susanna Clarke. Poseidon's Arrow. Book It is the greatest advance in American defense technology in decades—an attack submarine capable of incredible underwater speeds. There is only one problem: A key element of the prototype is missing—and the man who developed it is dead. At the same time, ships have started vanishing mid-ocean, and when a few reappear, bodies are found aboard burned to a crisp.

Could these mysterious events be connected to an Italian submarine that itself disappeared in ?

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What they discover at the end of it is a much, much greater threat than even they imagined. Raise the Titanic! On orders from the Pentagon, marine explorer Dirk Pitt must salvage crucial material from the world's most infamous maritime disaster in this 1 New York Times-bestselling series.